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Donald Trump is the President Elect Of The USA

I'm not surprised in the least. I wrote this on September 25th.

1. Trump lies? So what? Mitt Romney was on record flat out lying over 300 times and still garnered 40%+ of the vote.

2. Trump's a racist? So what? Over 50% of Americans hold "anti-Black" views.

3. Trump is incompetent? LMAO! Helloooo, George W. Bush anyone? Power & privilege gives guys like him "the benefit of the doubt" every single time in this system. Just like it did Romney, Just like it did GWB.

4. Combine all of this with a historically problematic candidate in Hillary Clinton. Yes, she's bad just being Hillary...throw in the media demonizing her for the past 30 years...

5. Plus an ungodly amount of sexism from everyone...

6. Plus ppl NOT being enthusiastic about getting out to vote for Hillary, because she IS so problematic and more of the same.

7. Plus Trump's lunatics realizing this is their "last stand" and you have all the makings of a Trump win. His base WILL turn out. It's no coincidence his overall poll numbers shot up once he went back to being Trump.

He's playing into things that have won people like him elections for hundreds of years.

Anyways. We have Kellie Leitch to worry about in Canada.

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