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Lil Wayne Hates Black Lives Matter

One of the things that always bothers me when I talk about racism is when people say "well, how do you know it's racism?". My answer is usually because the way the person is reacting to you is out of line with what's going on.

For instance, you can be in line at the store and the store owner is having a very nice, pleasant conversation with the person in front of you, then as soon as they get to you, they are terse, short, aggressive and sometimes just plain mean. Somethings just don't add up. There's a visceral, emotional reaction that hatred evokes that can only be explained by the fact that its...hatred.

Case in point, Lil Wayne's reaction at being asked about BlackLivesMatter. His reaction and subsequent walking out of this Nightline interview because he was asked about BLM just doesn't add up.

This guy was truly offended that he, a famous, Black man was asked about the pressing issue for Black people in America and possibly the world today.

His answer was basically, fuck that, I'm rich, you're an idiot, I'm also a gang banger and walked out.

This is someone that clearly had WAY too emotional a reaction to a simple and very legit question. Which begs the question: why you so mad, Wayne? What is it about #BlackLivesMatter that gets you so riled up?

Self hatred is a thing that was taught to African Americans over generations. And by taught, I mean beat, raped and murdered into them for hundreds of years. Lil Wayne, who is a dark skinned Black man is also firmly anti-dark skin. I think the reporter hit a nerve by daring to recognize Wayne as a Black man and not as Lil' Wayne...a millionaire celebrity who's status puts him, personally out of harms reach. In short, he's a coward.


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