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Can We Stop Acting Like Trump Wasn't Running A Racist Campaign Now?

I mean, he's gotten an official endorsement from the KKK.

He's made one of the leaders of the Alt-Right, his campaign manager and if he wins, will most likely be his chief of staff.

And now he's got White know, those unabashed, heavily armed, White Supremacist militias "patrolling" polling stations to "protect against voter fraud and a rigged election".

Now here's the thing: Trump is right about the election being rigged. But what he's wrong about is HOW it's being rigged and WHO it's being rigged by.

It's being rigged by gerrymandering districts.

It's being rigged by the Supreme Court doing away with Voting Rights protections, which have already lead to a decrease in Black voter turnouts in many states.

These were things done by Republicans. The same party that embraced White Nationalism in it's most genteel form with the Southern Strategy years ago.

It's been rigged by Republicans who spent 8 years obstructing the first Black President at every turn, hurting the same racist White people who are very happy to blame Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims for their sorry lot in life.

As opposed to the rich White guys in suits, who take corporate money as well and drink champagne, not "beers" and certainly not with them.

This only lead to the reality that no matter who you blame, things aren't getting any better and set them up to lose to someone who did bigotry better than they did.

Donald Trump is now up in National polls. He erased Hillary's double digit lead in less than a week by doubling down on the things America has always had a soft spot for: Racism & Sexism.

The racists and sexists in Trump's camp aren't outliers like the GOP pretends they are in their camp. They are his base. They are his core. And there are MILLIONS of them, who after 8 years of being subjected to a Black man as President sure as hell will do whatever they can to make sure a woman doesn't become one too.

America's never came to terms with the ugliest parts of it's soul. That it's "Greatness" has always been built on the violent subjugation of "somebody". That reality can no longer hide and if Trump wins or loses, it's going to tear the country apart.


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