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KFC Is Expanding a Fried Chicken-Pizza Mashup Called the “Chizza"

Fat is your friend. It came out recently that the sugar industry paid scientists at Harvard to point to fat as being your enemy. Turns out it's been sugar this whole time. Carbs, for those not nutritionally aware are sugars.

Too much sugar has contributed to alot of health problems we now face, mainly because of the hormonal havoc over consumption of it wreaks in our bodies, feeding everything from cancers to heart disease to obesity. We need more ooey, gooey, fat in our lives and less sweets. Fat keeps you fuller and makes you slimmer (you don't become insulin resistant, which causes weight gain and increases hunger).

The fact of the matter is, when you order a pizza, the unhealthiest thing you are eating is the dough. Not the ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness nor the spicy succulentness (yeah, yeah, it's not word, shut up. It's a feeling.) of pepperoni.

Enter what undoubtedly will be one of the healthiest, cheesiest, chickeniest new dishes one can ever eat, courtesy of KFC...the CHIZZA!

Besides sounding like a forgotten member of Wu-Tang Clan, the Chizza features tomato sauce, grated cheese, pepperoni, diced green onion, and what appears to be pineapple (?). And while a slice of pizza topped with chicken cutlet is nothing out of the ordinary in the states, when it comes to the Chizza, the chicken is the pie, with all the other ingredients layered on top.

LOOK AT IT! No telling when it will hit N. American markets, but goddamn, if you aren't busy running out buying the ingredients to make your own this weekend, you ain't really living.


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