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We're Your Neighbours

I've taken to referring to calling people that hate Muslims #YallQaeda, because strip away the Islamophobic bullshit & you're dealing with 2 sides of the same coin: Hate filled assholes who use their religion as an excuse to do horrible things to other people.

According to the FBI, the biggest terroristic threat to the United States has been and continues to be "domestic" in nature...aka the militia movement. They tend to have strong White Nationalist ties and are armed to the teeth and delusional as fuck.

Mother Jones just did an article which is terrifying in so many ways: from the members casual, vitriolic racism, sexism and violence to their way too cozy relationship with law enforcement...if you think that after this election these guys with their guns, strengthened with delusion and now riled up about a "stolen election" if Trump loses or emboldened by him if he wins are just going to disappear...think again.

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