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What Could Be More Horrifying Than Last Nights Premiere Of The Walking Dead?

Scroll down for further proof that reality is more horrifying than anything you can see on the big or small screens.

Everyone's talking about the season premiere of The Walking Dead last night. The question of who was on the receiving end of the ever-smiling, foul mouthed, baseball bat naming new villain, Negan was answered in brutal, torturous form.

I'm surprised this episode got past TV we even have those anymore? Legit, that shit should have came with a warning. It wasn't just the brutality, it was the cold evil of it that really resonated. No spoilers here, you just gotta go watch it yourself.

That being said, if you thought 5 minutes of psychopathic brain bashing was bad...this right here is worse:

A fucking spider eating and carrying a full grown MOUSE up the side of a fridge. It's in Australia, of course. But just imagine waking up and seeing this in real life.

Truly horrifying.


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