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I Refuse To Continue Being Politically Correct

Political correctness has gone crazy over the past few years and now we're on the cusp of having Donald Trump being President of the US because of it. This should worry you.

Normally "Political Correctness" is just the way people dismiss having to have manners or act civilly. Replace "politically correct" with "being reasonable" "having manners" or "being respectful" and you see how the gross the arguments against it are.

We've been wrong though. True "Political correctness" is being reasonable, mannerable and respectful to a fault and it's allowed space for people that extol hatred and ignorance as a virtue. It's given them the space to believe that it's OK to ignore "facts" and it's lead to the rise of a guy that's known to be a pathological liar, who supplants "truth" & facts with his own opinion at a whim.

I saw this coming and this isn't relegated to people that "just" believe in Trump.

Mitt Romney was one of the biggest liars in US Presidential history until Trump came along and millions of people still voted for him.

Donald Trump is the logical conclusion of a party that extolled and appealed to the worst in people's natures. The Republican party absorbed the Dixiecrats (Southern Democrats) into their fold and made White Nationalism a pillar of their party years ago. Unofficially, of course.

The fact is, true political correctness is staying silent in the face of dishonesty, deflection, derailment & delusion to appear "objective".

True political correctness is saying you're taking the "high road", when really what you're doing is avoiding conflict. Ignoring bullies doesn't make them go away. It emboldens them. Absent any sort of repercussion or pushback, they become worse.

I'm personally astounded at the moral cowardice so many of us employ. Whether we believe we are "perfect"or not isn't the point. What's important is speaking truth to power. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to remain politically correct. I'd encourage you to reject this form of political correctness.

There's no need to "hear both sides" when the other side is demonstrably vile. We've already been where they want to take us. And it plunged the US into a bloody civil war and the other time it plunged us into a world war.

There's nothing harmless about bigotry and there's is nothing "correct" about kowtowing to bigots. So stop it's time we all started calling it out and shutting it down. Because believe me, what "moderate" Republicans are now waking up to is something I've seen my whole life and it's only going to get worse as long as we give it space to.


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