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America Responds To #TellAmericaItsGreat

I wish I was a spider so I could have enough eyes to express the epic level of eye rollness needed when I saw this stupid video.

I mean...#TellAmericaItsGreat? When they are about to elect an orange, ill tempered, morally bankrupt fascist to be the leader of the world's largest army? Are YOU FUCKING NUTS?!

#TellAmericaItsGreat when their police are legally are slaughtering Black people in the streets (one every 25 hours) and unfairly imprisoning them (to great profit)?

The problem with America is it's been telling itself how great it is for the past 200 years and all that bullshit is finally catching up to them. America doesn't need to hear how great it is. America needs a dose of fucking reality and they need to figure their shit out before they destroy the planet. America needs a friend that will tell them the cold, hard, truth about themselves, not one that will offer bullshit delusion.

Apparently there are some Americans who agree with me, because this gem from Deadspin told us Northern Ned Flanders' exactly what we need to hear and it's gold.

You know what Canada is? Canada is your annoying friend who insists on coming over with a bottle of wine (girls night!) to tell you how everything is going to be just fine even though you got laid off, put your dog down, and found out your husband has another family—two houses down. You tell Canada that you really just want to be alone right now, but Canada insists. Then, after two hours of Canada telling you that, no, it’s actually a good thing that you are 35 years old and have no job, pets, or relationship prospects, Canada goes home to its loving family and leaves you drunk and more miserable than when you started.

What I’m trying to say is, let us suffer in peace, Canada, and kindly fuck off.

LMAO! Yes! lol.

Click Here to read the whole thing and if you're Canadian like me...mind yo' bidness!

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