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Weed Arrests Top All Other VIOLENT Crime Arrests COMBINED

This is outrageous. The Washington Post reports that more people are arrested for marijuana possession than for all violent crimes COMBINED.

Weed is a medicine. It's almost impossible to overdose on (greening out is a thing) and there are few if any deleterious affects from it's usage. It's also NOT a "gateway" drug. It's also WAY less harmful than alcohol.

"The Post quotes the report’s lead author, Human Rights Watch‘s Tess Borden: “It’s been 45 years since the war on drugs was declared, and it hasn’t been a success. Rates of drug use are up not down. Drug dependency has not stopped. Every 25 seconds, we’re arresting someone for drug use.”

Personally, the only arrest I have is when I was at an after hours and a cop busted me for "dropping a dimebag of weed". I told him straight up, "that shit ain't mine! I've been looking for weed all night, so I'll gladly take it, but that shit ain't mine".

He laughed, then arrested me anyways. It's cost me over $4000 to fight it.

The war on drugs is a massive failure: it penalizes the most vulnerable, has allowed a MASSIVE opioid epidemic to take hold (all those "legal", highly addictive drugs doctors have been prescribing) and diverts police resources from serious crimes (but does wonder for arrest reports and maintaining budgets).

People are getting locked up unjustly, their employment chances harmed, jails are being filled with people on non-violent, victimless "crimes" and we're ok with that?


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