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Introducing REBEL Toronto's Newest Super Club

Here's everything you need to know about REBEL (the old Sound Academy)

1. It's owned by INK and serves as the spiritual successor to The Guvernment. According to Charles Khabouth, there's still about another 6 weeks of renovations before it's finally finished. Meaning the main room is done, but two smaller rooms that will have their own sounds (like how GUV had Kool Haus, The Drink, etc) are yet to be launched.

2. I'll be hosting the VIP there every Saturday. It's 25+ and meant to be a Vegas-style VIP experience with luxury booths, amazing sightlines for all the action going on in the main room and stage!

3. It's an indoor / outdoor venue. Meaning the main room extends out into the main area of Cabana giving it one of the largest patio's in the city and night time views of the lake! The 2nd floor VIP extends out into Solarium, with it's all glass walls and retractable roof...making it one of the most amazing places to be in the city with panoramic views of the lake and Toronto's skyline!

4. Did I mention I'l be hosting the VIP there every Saturday? It's my job to make sure all the right people get in. Hit me up for guestlist and tables.

5. The total capacity is somewhere near 3500 people, legally. This doesn't include Cabana, where they have another 3000 people. There will be times next summer where you will have an all day, all night event with over 10,000 people going through the doors. Charles basically built himself one of the most unique, multi-purpose arenas in the world. At a time when most places 1/10th the size are struggling to survive.

There's nothing more rebellious than daring to dream and following through on it. I'm happy to be part of it. Hit me up for all your VIP needs at REBEL. Every Saturday.


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