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STUDY: PD's With More Use Of Force Policies Have Less Police Shootings & Less Officers Being

The fact that someone had to commission a study on this blows my mind. You can't legislate away someone's racist feelings (actually, you eventually can, but that's for another blog), but you can limit their ability to harm people because of those racist feelings.

Police departments that ban chokeholds, require officers to de-escalate, and mandate that deadly force be used only as a last resort, protect more citizens according to research done by the group.

“According to our analysis, all eight policies were associated with fewer police-involved killings, and departments that implement all of these policies would reduce killings by 72% compared to departments that have none of these policies in place,” the Campaign Zero team said in a release early Wednesday.

Of course, The Fraternal Order Of Police (which just endorsed Trump) opposes all Use Of Force changes. Their opposition is telling because the data CLEARLY shows police are safer when they de-escalate. So the question is...what are the protecting if it's not the officers lives?

Now...imagine how this whole scenario would have played out if Deputy Plunkett here had reasonable use of force standards.

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