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Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend

Everybody loves Justin Trudeau. But his policies are bad for workers, the environment, and struggling people everywhere.

"He became prime minister by tacking to the left of the NDP, and is governing to the right of the Conservatives.

A self-proclaimed feminist, he has done nothing to improve the negligible access to family planning and abortion services in the socially conservative maritime provinces.

Calling poverty sexist, he nevertheless implements policies that impoverish women in Canada and around the world.

Enormously popular for his stance on marijuana, he placed former Toronto police chief Bill Blair in charge of the marijuana file; enforcement of pot laws has skyrocketed.

Declaring himself an environmentalist, he’s joined Sarah Palin in a chorus of “drill, baby, drill” and called for more oil extraction in Alberta’s tar sands.

Ostensibly working to “restore Canada’s good standing in the world,” he has embarked on a foreign policy substantively more aggressive than Obama’s second term."

Read more of this incredibly important article HERE.


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