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Trump's Latest Campaign Promise: He's Gonna Save Black People From People Like Him

"I'll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city, or wherever you are, you're not gonna be shot. Your child isn't gonna be shot,"

"Your innercity". Let's talk about that. Black people don't all live in ghettoes. But alot of us do. So the question is: why?

Racism. I knowwwww..."is EVERYTHING racism, Kenny"? Well, shit. You tell me. I mean, why else would Black families that make over $100k, be stuck in the same living conditions / areas as White families (or other Black families) making $30k?

Now the above headline's pretty incendiary, right?

"SEGREGATION?! Kenny, that's illegal and stopped happening in the 60's!"

Yes, but numerous other forms of tricknology emerged: like Redlining. A racist housing policy that destroyed any form of investment in any area where Black people lived...and created one of the most pointed to places where poverty and it's child violence live: Southside Chicago aka CHIRAQ.

Racist housing the kind Trump and his dad were sued for by the Department of Justice. And lost. we have a guy, running a racist campaign, telling Black people he's gonna "stop them from getting shot in their innercities or wherever". My guess is he's not gonna do shit about racist housing policies and practices and is just gonna flood the hood with more cops, because he's all about "law and order".

UPDATE: No sooner did I hit refresh than I saw this is now trending on Facebook.

Not sure how much "tougher" you can get than by running an illegal "black site" pun intended where people were "disappeared". Yes. This actually happened. It just closed and no one was punished. p.s. 85% of the people "disappeared" were Black.


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