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Lions And Tigers And BIEBERS, Oh my!

UPDATE: The event's effectively cancelled, the Biebers won't be attending. Sigh. Good job, media.

Ok, so the Bowmanville Zoo is controversial and the owner, aint' shit.

But it's closing. It's gonna cost money to re-home those big cats and my business mentor, Alex Haditaghi is taking on the responsibility with a pretty famous friend.

Happy to announce that this Sunday, August 28th The Bowmanville Zoo will be hosting Bieber Family Fun Day (BFF Day) in support of rehoming these wonderful animals.

You may remember my pics with some of the lion cubs during the MMVA's?

All are being rehomed to an animal sanctuary that Alex is funding. Of course, it costs money and he has alot of it...but this fundraiser will go a LONG way to helping cover the costs of feeding and caring for these animals for the rest of their lives.

I mean...Lions can't live on Doc Marten's alone!

Justin's gotten in hot water for posing with these animals, but what everyone with a big mouth and no facts doesn't understand is these animals are going to be part of a hands on sanctuary, they can't be sent back to live in the wild, so the ones that are "stuck" are going to be well taken care of and not exploited or abused like they are in zoos.

Here's the official announcement. As distasteful as Zoo's are and the training method that the owner of the Zoo's even more distasteful that the media would use what's a good look on Bieb's part (lets be real here, he could be somewhere warm, fucking a supermodel) to bash him. I get it, he comes off like a douche and there's alot for (jealous people) to hate on...but he's lending his fame and notoriety to helping these animals...which is alot more than some of his critics could ever do.

I'm hosting this with Biebs and a few other friends of mine. Buy a ticket and come through. It's gonna be lit, fam. For the critics? Here's a lion cub with a pug. Get a life and get a heart. You should buy an "over priced" ticket too. See you on Sunday!


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