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I Need Your Help For The NOW Magazine Readers Choice

No, it's not for me in the "best bloggers" category...not yet ;) It's for my best friend, Andray Domise, the man who upon getting brushed off by Rob Ford after asking him if he's gonna apologize for labelling black kids "thugs", quit his job and ran against him.

He lost, obviously, but the work and profile that has come out of it after, with his numerous writing and radio shows as well as his fulfilment of his campaign promise to bring tech to Rexdale via his Techsdale program has me wanting to help him win this award.

Why? Because you can't spell ACTIVIST without being ACTIVE. Andray put his money and livelihood on the line. He doesn't just talk about it. He be's about it!

Let's be frank, it's tough to speak out. It's even tougher when you're speaking out on issues of race and even tougher when you're Black and doing it...and you don't "cater" to primarily Black audiences. Trust me, I know.

He's one of my best friends because we not only get along well on numerous things, but I admire the shit he's been able to accomplish whilst I nurse many a hangover...and he's just getting started. So...go ahead and CLICK THIS LINK and place your vote for Andray Domise as "Best Activist".

/ Best Friend Duties


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