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Top 5 Reasons Kendall Jenner Deserves To Be On The Cover Of Vogue

Despite the haters, my baby K deserves this cover and we're gonna get married and heres why:

1. She's a Kardashian, which means she's into Black guys, which means I'm already in the running. Ya'll mad? Don't @ me.

2. She's good friends with the OVO guys, which means sooner or later she's gonna come to Toronto, where I can tell her how much she deserves this damn cover and she'll fall in love with me and we'll get married. Ya'll mad? Don't @ me.

3. I'm into tall chicks. Kendall is tall and we're gonna get married. Therefore, the future Mrs. Kenny deserves all the good things, like this damn Vogue cover. Ya'll STILL mad? Don't @ me.

4. Being a Kardashian actually didn't work in her favour and she deserves this damn cover. We're gonna have a blow up of it on our wedding cake. Ya'll mad? Ya'll already know what NOT to do (@ me).

5. She reminds me of my favourite model ever (and cautionary tale) Gia Carangi. Therefore, it's meant to be that we get married. Don't @ me.

I love you too, boo!


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