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Let Me Solve The "Mystery" Of Donald Trumps Appeal For You

A "shocking" new study came out citing that it's NOT "poor Whites" alone, who are supporting Trump...but rather "people from racially isolated enclaves, who are doing no better nor worse economically than the rest of the country".

In other words: the classist bullshit about poor, uneducated White people running to this guy's xenophobic, racist is just that: classist bullshit. Poor White people have always been scapegoated for racism and it's a dangerous fallacy.

"White" became a legal term in 1600's Virginia, when it was used to separate poor Whites and poor Blacks from each other in slave uprisingins and revolts.

"At least you're not Black, you're a WHITE man! Work hard and you too can be successful as me! Don't let those Black people steal your jobs, rape your women, they HATE you and wanna kill you!, etc..."...sound familiar?

Trump appeals to White people, across all economic spectrums, because he talks to their fear, a fear driven by a world that's increasingly critical of the one thing that's united White people since the 1600's...White Supremacy.

This lines up perfectly with the other studies that show White people believe they are being discriminated against in greater numbers since the civil rights movement

Whites believe that discrimination against them has increased from an average of 1.8 in the 1950's to 4.7 in the 2000s.

This is an unintended failure of our "civil rights" struggle and our failure to define what "White Supremacy" is. We've always acted like it's the sole domain of twisted monsters with swastikas, while's just a core belief in the "rightness" of Whiteness.

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It's not "economic uncertainty" Donald Trump has tapped into...because his economic plans are shit and he never really talks about them. He uses his fame and "business acumen" to position himself as the saviour of their society, despite not being able to show by any reasonable measurement that he can do what he says.

In other words, he's given the benefit of the doubt aka White Privilege to power himself through society while playing up to the fears generated by White Supremacy.

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