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Aren't We Done Talking About Women's Faces?

This is what pisses me off about the world: we set people up to fail, then we judge / criticize / humiliate / laugh at them. This was on the cover of the New York Daily News:

I really HATE the way society sets everyone up to fail, then piles on the scorn. Whether you are talking about the unrealistic beauty standards we force on women, the deplorable economic and social conditions we tell minorities to "get over" or how we deal with the LGBTQ community's sexuality, every one of these "behaviours" happens within a social context, that WE set up.

Hugh Grant never had to face the pressure of looking 20 years younger, because men are allowed to "age gracefully". I hear the term "silver fox" and it's connotations vs. "cougar" for women (who are often MUCH younger than the foxes) and I cringe.

What Reneé Zellwege does with her face is her business. The reasons she did it? That's maybe a reason for us to look at ourselves and what we unfairly demand from each other.

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