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Wokemon Is Ready For Battle!

What do you get when you catch yourself a Pokemon and turns out it's a "leftist" shill, educated by the politically correct, man-hating, Liberal media and communists?

Pokemon: Cute ass "monsters" that are currently all the rage.

To "Stay Woke": Derived from the phrase “stay awake,” is an Internet slang term often used to demonstrate the need for awareness of an issue, particularly those relating to social justice or the Black Lives Matter movement.

The combination of quotes attributed to "social revolutionaries and leftist ideologists" like Assata Shakur, Nietzsche and Marx, cute Pokemon ready to battle the forces of capitalism, racism, patriarchy and the absolute meltdown of the people that benefit from them (read MRA's and privileged White people) in the comments give me life! 😂

Behold! The greatest facebook page known to man!

Go like it, learn about creating an equal society and laugh at these funny ass, yet powerful meme's!

Wokemon so woke, they even woke about themselves 😂

WOKEMON GO (change the world)!!!!


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