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Some men just want to see the world burn

Last night, a peaceful protest against police brutality in Dallas was co-opted by an asshole (allegedly).

11 police officers were shot by sniper fire. 5 were killed. The alleged killer was 25 year old army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, who was mad at White people and White cops, especially.

Here he is in action. Warning: This is graphic. That's him gunning down a police officer in cold blood, using a military maneuver called "slicing the pie".

I just want to take this moment to point out that the goal here is EQUALITY, not revenge. I've on more than one occasion called out other members of the Black community, who only want to replace White Supremacy with Black Supremacy.

Speaking of White Supremacy, there are people on both sides who want a "race war". The US military relaxed their recruitment standards and started allowing open Neo-Nazi's. Ya know...the same guys the world went to war against.

People whose sole reason for existing / justifying their existence is the furthering of the "White race"...who believe that a race war "is coming" and will do everything in their power to see it come true...because if it doesn't, well...I guess all your failures in life really are just your fault and not those of "mud races" and "tyrannical guvment".

I wholly reject both of these types of people. I wholly reject and refuse to take their hatred as mine.

LOVE is the answer.

Here is the Twitter account of one of the officers killed, Patrick Zamarripa. Read his tweets. This is my kinda guy. May he rest in peace and may the persons responsible for his death rot in hell.


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