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One year, last night

Yesterday was July 5th, which marked one year since Toronto police shot and killed #AndrewLoku. If you don't know his name, but have an issue with what Black Lives Matter did at are part of the problem.

Here. Google it for yourself. I've already started some of the basic work for you to be informed in your opinion.

Yesterday, a judge in Cleveland sentenced two young White boys to write an essay about playing with replica toy guns in public...and what could have happened to them were they young black boys, like 12 year old Tamir Rice who was gunned down by police.

Tamir Rice Video:

2 White Kids:

Last night, Memphis police shot and killed at point blank range a Black man who was reportedly "carrying a gun" an open carry state. While he was pinned to the ground. Unable to move.

If you believe that #BlackLivesMatter are the "real" are part of the problem. Because the problem isn't "racism". It's systemic White Supremacy, that paints Black people as hyper aggressive, savage animals that need to be put down...regardless of what they are doing and regardless if White people in similar circumstances get out alive.

White Supremacy thrives on the dehumanization of Black people. Indeed, even referring to us as "Black people" is a key part of the White Supremacist narrative...race is a social construct. But in our colour coded society, it's also a death sentence.

Speaking of humanity...listen to the sobs of Alton Sterling's 15 year old son at this press conference. And remember...we're not just Black, we're people too. And our lives matter.


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