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Orlando Terror Attack And The BS That's Sure To Follow

Brandolini's Law:

"The amount of effort required to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude greater than what's required to produce it."

Basically it means it's alot easier for someone to say something stupid than it is for someone else to prove that it's stupid.

That's why bullshit talking points catch fire and why so many of us are dumbed down.

It's why someone like Donald Trump can lie and contradict himself so easily, pose "simple solutions" to complex problems; BAN MUSLIMS sounds great until you realize there are a BILLION of them...and not all of them are brown, that they still have human rights, that they all aren't terrorists, etc....and have MILLIONS of people agree that he's "just telling it like it is".

The murder of 50 LGBTQ by a self proclaimed ISIS allied loser, are of course bringing out every racist / Islamophobe (who in any other aspect are most likely homophobes as well) and their "durrr lookit der Islamz!".

A friend of mine tweeted the Premier's comment that we can't use Islamophobia to fight homophobia and these are some of the responses he got

Now, this video has been making the rounds and "going viral" for his common sense approach to this tragedy. Of course, his "common sense" is mostly bullshit. But it sounds really good and is easy to repeat.

Now, I had posted this commentary on my facebook, unrelated to the video

to which, a good buddy of mine responded with a point that he got from the above video

I further followed it up with some statistics

Of course, my main point is, the gentleman's video is 15 minutes long. His sound bite about death sentences for LGBTQ people in "Islamic" countries maybe takes up 10 seconds of his video...but here I am, spending about 45 minutes & 345 words, writing this blog post and digging up LGBTQ suicide rates to prove my point: As a society that drives LGBTQ people to kill themselves in staggering numbers, we are in no position to point fingers at places that openly discriminate against LGBTQ people...especially when we do billions of dollars of business with them.

And ESPECIALLY not when our government policies continue to be hostile to LGBTQ rights...which is really just a reflection of how way too many of us feel about LGBTQ people.

Brandolini's law in full effect. I hate you Brandolini.


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