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Drake’s Views Streamed 250 Million Times And Sold 1.2 Million Albums

Looks like all that anticipation over the last 2 years paid off.

Drake’s new studio album VIEWS was an undeniable, incredible success. As Pitchfork notes, Republic Records have just shared the official sales numbers for VIEWS, and it appears as though past reports about streaming numbers are going to end up being pretty accurate. While the first-week sales numbers released a few days ago weren’t too far off, these official numbers definitely put Drake in a better place.

VIEWS sold 1.2 million copies (“including streaming album equivalents,” Pitchfork reports) in “less than six days” following its initial release. A million of those copies sold came from U.S. fans as well. During that same six-day period, Drake’s latest LP was streamed over 250 million times, while over 200 million of those came from U.S. listeners.

This means he outsold Beyonce.

And while I have both albums on repeat, I think Beyonce releasing "exclusively" on TiDAL was a mistake.

This is the internet generation, there is no such thing as limited releases. People want and are willing to pay to consume media...on THEIR terms.


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