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The Real Losers In This "Victory" For UBER & The Taxi Industry? You And The Taxi Cab D

Honestly, I've never seen a more useless group of councillors. They passed this motion and of course punted to the province to regulate and this issue to be re-examined next year. I'm getting a bicycle.

From the Toronto SUN:

“The people who lost today are the public, who are going to see surge pricing, the people who drive, who are going to see lower pay, or even hardly any work left on the street,” she said.

“This is a huge victory for big money in this city.”


  • Uber will now operate legally in Toronto

  • Uber drivers must hold $2 million in liability insurance and provide proof to the city.

  • Uber drivers must provide a background check to the city

  • Uber will charge a minimum fare price — $3.25.

  • Uber vehicles can be no older than seven model years.

  • Taxis can charge surge pricing, like ride-sharing services, if rides are booked through a smartphone app.


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