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Elon Musk denied entry into A-list Met Gala party

Ugh. This is exactly why people think going out is stupid...Elon Musk is changing the world in ways that people never thought possible...but some idiot wouldn't let him and his mom into this party.

Listen, I was a doorman, but at some point "you're not on the list" has to become "let me check with someone".

Why? Because it's ELON FUCKING MUSK. If Kylie Jenner's fake lips qualify her to get into somewhere...surely inventing reusable space rockets and self driving, electric cars qualifies Elon.

Anyways, read on...if you're into that sorta thing. With all the stars in tears this party although "exclusive" sounds like the type of hot ratchet mess that I would love to attend one day. lol.


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