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Today's Rant: Walmart And Why Sometimes I'm a dick to people

People often tell me I go too hard when it comes to speaking up for things I believe to be Just...but this is why I do it. Watch this video of a woman "confronting" a man who's minding his own business...buying groceries with food stamps.

Can you believe this shit?

The ignorant people of this world are oftentimes the loudest fucking voices in the room and they have ZERO problem letting the rest of us know their stupid, fucking opinions.

Alot of other people pointed out the fact that if this woman is "against food stamps" so much, maybe she SHOULDN'T be shopping at WalMart that pays so little to their workers that about 6.2 BILLION dollars in govt subsidies go to Walmart EMPLOYEES.

It's idiots like this who are so loud and proud in their ignorance, that feel the need to "call out" a father buying food with his child, while being completely oblivious to the fact that the company she's supporting with her dollars profits off of the same social safety net she's whining over. She probably is also anti-union (you know, that thing that fights so people get paid fairly so they don't have to live on food stamps)...just like the Waltons, the family that owns Walmart. Check out this "Anti-Union" propaganda...uh, I mean...Walmart training video.

This stuff fuels me to be louder and prouder in my defiance of said ignorance.

And no, I don't feel the need to "be nice" when tearing someone a new asshole when they have access to the same info that I do and choose to only see that which supports their petty fucking views. In this day and age, ignorance is a choice. If you "choose" to be an idiot, then you're also "choosing" to get this work.

Our world would be a much better place if those of us of good conscience would value "JUSTICE over ORDER", like MLK said. Then we wouldn't sit quiet "Respecting" bullshit and have to live in such a shitty fucking world. Where idiots like this lady feel the need to NEVER keep their stupid fucking opinions to themselves...because they are so unhappy with themselves it spills over into the real world...where these same people have the right to vote (President Trump anyone?) and reproduce (where do you think all those shitty little bullies in school come from?) and deny people medical treatment due to their "beliefs".

Personally, I think the banality of evil starts with the false logic that we need to "accept everyone's opinion" as valid. Some just aren't and they need to be heard...only so the rest of us can shout them down.



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