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Teenage Pregnancy: Birth Rates Drop Most for Hispanic and Black Teens in US, Report Says

This is NOT new news. As an anti-racist activist, I've known that birth rates for African American women in particular have been falling since the 90's.

It of course never fit into the "baby mama, welfare queen" stereotype so this news today is shocking to some.

Teen birth rates fell to record lows over the past decade, with the largest declines among minority teens, according to data from the CDC's National Vital Statistics System.

With that being said, the reasons include better access to education, healthcare, birth control and yes, legal abortions.

Another trend no one talks about: despite having access to every kind of porn there is at their fingertips and being bombarded by sexually loaded messaging of every are waiting longer to have sex.

Goes to show that when you give people the right choices...they tend to make...the right choices. We don't need "religious" politicians (like American Presidential candidate Ted Cruz who wanted to put people in jail for using sex toys on themselves) to tell us what to do with our bodies.


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