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PRINCE Dead at 57!!

I can't believe this. TMZ is reporting PRINCE was found dead in his home, Paisley Park in Minnesota.

He looked so good when he was performing in Toronto a couple weeks ago!! My friends who brought him here and hosted the afterparty at Everleigh even said he continued playing for another private afterparty until the wee hours of the night.

Prince used to live in Toronto (married a Toronto girl, pictured below) and LOVED everything about this city

According to the Toronto Star:

“I love Toronto,” he told The Canadian Press a decade ago.

Praising the city as “cosmopolitan,” he spoke about the city's diversity as well as its eclectic food and arts scene.

“It's a real melting pot in every sense of the word.”

I'm staring down the barrel of my 40th birthday and all I can think about is how I recall being entranced by his Purple Rain movie.

It's themes of domestic violence (which I grew up experiencing, constantly), the first time I saw a girl naked and realized it made me feel funny in my "tummy" lol. The first time I heard the world "Mother fucker"...and the first time I cried watching a movie...all from PRINCE. I also never really saw my dad alot growing up...and I remember listening to when Doves Cry with him when he came to visit with me once.

I can't begin to describe how much of an impact PRINCE and his music had on me as a child growing I said man, the worst part of getting older is slowly seeing your icons pass on before you. The man was a musical genius...a trendsetter...someone who was unapologetically himself.

He was a perfectly consistent in being an infuriating walking contradiction in that way only Gemini's can be (his bday was June 7th, mine is June 6th), he fought against norms and despite his flamboyant appearance defied the times and was never considered less than "masculine"...quite the feat when you're wearing assless chaps, leather and lace. lol.

The lessons I will take from yourself and love each other.

He will be missed!!!


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