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Denzel Washington Stars In Incredible Remake Of The Magnificent Seven

Western's are a very Jamaican thing. Rising to popularity the tales of outlaws & posse's influenced Jamaican culture heavily in the 60's & 70's.

I remember falling asleep watching the original Magnificent Seven...because it was boring and my grandfather forced me to watch it. All. The. Time. lol.

Judging from this trailer though, I don't think I'll be sleeping when I go to see this new remake starring Denzel Washington and an all-star cast of "misfits" who liberate a town from some evil-doers.

Along with Denzel, you have my dude Ethan Hawke (Had the pleasure of working on two of his films during TIFF...biggest missed opportunity ever was partying with him, Colin Farrell and Dave Matthews. Ugh!)

The film also stars Chris Pratt. This guy has a certain likability that he brings to all his roles!

Sure looks like Hollywood finally got a re-make right, huh?

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