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Rihanna's Brother Rorrey Fenty To Host EFS After Rihanna Concert This Wednesday!

No guarantees that Ri Ri herself will show, but it's well known how close she is with her little brothers.

Rihanna loves her 2 young brothers Rorrey Fenty and Rajad Fenty very much and would like to do everything she can to support them develop their own talents without any worries on money. Rihanna bought a beach side house in Barbados for Rorrey and gave him an amount of cash to support his rap career under the moniker “GQ.” She also supported Rorrey Fenty when he made his debut UK performance at London and always gave him promotional tweet.

“Rihanna’s close to her brother, and she’ll do anything to help him out. They hang out a lot and are the best of friends. She wants to make sure he can develop his talent without any money worries.” – insider

Here's what ELLE UK had to say the last time he made a club appearance and his sis was in town:

Can’t get enough of Rihanna? Get her younger brother Rorrey Fenty – aka GQ (Gallest) – on your radar now.

The burgeoning rap star made his debut UK performance at London destination Boujis last night, and big sis Rihanna – unfazed by a performance at Twickenham Stadium that evening as part of her Diamonds World Tour (or #DWT as it’s known on Twitter) – was on hand to show him some support.

Ri, dressed in a sequinned crop top by Stella McCartney and ripped jeans, arrived at around 1.45am with bestie Cara Delevingne in tow. Tipped off by Twitter, fans mobbed the twosome as they made their way into the club.

‘Rihanna danced on the banquettes all night and never took her eye off her Rorrey,’ we’re told. ‘It was very sweet.’

I know I'm promoting there this Wednesday, so I'm slightly biased...but when it comes to stars and their families, odds are if she is gonna show up anywhere, it's gonna be here ;)


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