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What I'm listening to: ChinaMac

I don't even know how I came across this guy's videos, but damn am I impressed.

This is ChinaMac from NYC. He reminds me of an Asian 50 cent.

He just got out last year from a 10 year attempt murder bid (if you remember 106 & Park, he's the guy that almost shot rapper Jin and partially paralyzed his associate).

I obviously don't condone violence like that, but dude reminds me of the guys I grew up with. I was really shy growing up and made all my friends in TaeKwonDo class, so all my buddies were Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean for the most part.

This was Toronto in the early 90s, so any of you old enough remember, there was a point when it was like the Wild West, shoot outs, robbery, extortion, crazy shit. My buddies' older brothers were all involved in one way or another and I could relate to what they were going through because at home...well...I lived near Parkdale. You do the math.

Generally, I'm not a fan of "Gangster rap" because most of those rappers are fake. They are capitalizing on the glorification of a lifestyle they do not lead. ChinaMac leads it and like plenty of people I know (and if not for the grace of God, myself), I wanna see him do better than he has and stay out of trouble.

I haven't done an "urban" event in years...for obvious reasons, but when he gets out (and if he can get across the border), I'd love to do a small show with this guy. Real talent.


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