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This CEO Runs a Billion $$ Co. With No Offices or Email

So I've registered a new type of business that you'll be hearing alot about in the coming months, called Enspire Events.

It's a for-profit charitable event company that will give away 50% of it's profits to worthwhile endeavours.

I've finally found a way to combine passion, profit and purpose by developing proprietary brand-driven sport, art and cultural events, making a lot of money and helping a lot of people.

Now, part of my formula is looking at non-traditional business models. Everything from management structures to overhead can get really expensive and those expenses cut into profits.

One of the ways I intend to keep those expenses low when it comes to overhead is not having traditional offices.

Read about how the founder of Wordpress (the platform that almost every major website and blog runs on) is running his billion dollar business not only without offices, but without email!

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