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America has entered a disgusting new era of hate with degrading attacks against LGBT community

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a big fan of "hearing both sides" when it comes to certain political issues.

No, I don't think I have to "hear out" any sort of ignorance and bigotry. We've already "heard" those voices throughout history and can anyone that tell me when those "voices" have lead to anything good, ever?

"Hearing both sides" in this day and age is just an excuse for apathy and the banality of evil to creep in. Indeed the only time I think we should "hear both sides" is to shout down those voices of bigotry and loudly contest them. If we don't we give them a legitimacy they don't deserve...and when have those "voices" ever lead to anything other than ugliness that's forced upon the most vulnerable of us?

Witness what's happening in the US south (again). This time not against "Blacks", but against the LGBTQ community. Where once again "states rights" and "religious freedom" are used to infringe upon others rights and freedoms. smh.


Right now, in just this past month, we have entered a disgusting period of American history that most resembles the Jim Crow South in which inhumane laws were enacted to degrade and demoralize millions of African Americans. Except in this new wave, those being attacked by lawmakers in horrific fashion are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer individuals.

In a period of just a few weeks, North Carolina and Mississippi signed into law two of ugliest, most hateful, discriminatory, inhumane pieces of anti-LGBT legislation this country has ever seen. Disguised as bills to protect the rights of Christians in those states, the new laws make blatant discrimination against the LGBT community fully legal and protected.

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