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***BREAKING*** Pop Star Kehlani ATTEMPTS SUICIDE over NBA Baller Scandal!!!

Ok, so...first off the bat, I have no idea who this chick is, other than seeing her pics on tumblr and knowing she's a singer. And she's fine and Black...maybe. Definitely some Asian and Kehlani sounds Hawaiian. Or something.

And she looks like she'll cut a bitch with all them damn tattoos.

Anyways, she's dating Cleveland Cavaliers All Star point guard Kyrie Irving, who would be the face of the franchise if he wasn't playing alongside King James.

They seemed to have one of those annoying ass "no you hang up first" type relationships

She also used to date Mississauga's own OVO member, PartyNextDoor (he wrote #1 smash single Work for Rihanna) before Kyrie and I guess there's been trouble in paradise because Party posted this photo on his Instagram today, which makes it seem like she cheated on Kyrie with him.

Kyrie just signed a $90,000,000.00 contract, is one of the best basketball players in the world is reportedly a nice guy...and got cheated on by a girl who's basically a Soundcloud artist...anybody really can get got in these streets. lol.

Once #BlackTwitter™ found out, they went into overdrive...which is kinda sad, because poor Kyrie is out here trying to win a championship and this is the last thing he needs while trying to figure out how to stop Steph Curry

Even Chris Brown waded in for some eloquent commentary

He also showed solidarity with his boy, Kyrie

Now, we don't know what possessed Party to do this, but we do know Kehlani ended up in the hospital having allegedly trying to commit suicide, which is no laughing matter

Relationships are an ugly, complicated thing and Party would probably do better laying off the social media for a while. Was "exposing" her worth it if she passes on?


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