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This Stuff Works!

If you're from the Toronto area, you know the name Zark Fatah. Dubbed by the Toronto Star as Toronto's ambassador of cool, this man has been instrumental in defining Toronto's nightlife for the past 20 years.

A lifestyle entrepreneur, Zark isn't content with just owning bars, restaurants, nightclubs and spas, he's now expanded into health with EZ-Lifestyle. It's basically minority report for your hangover.

I'm a notorious lightweight in the industry. For someone who drinks as much as I do, it seems that tolerance that develops skips me. Now, even though it makes me a cheap date, the one thing I'm always left with is the WORST hangovers.

I decided to dive into the deep end during Toronto Fashion Week which saw me attend way too many events and party from 9pm - 4am from Wednesday - Saturday. I was basically this guy for the entire week. lol.

I can honestly say, I took this stuff (although double the suggested dose after the first night) and even though I woke up tired, etc...I was hangover free!



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