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#BirdieSanders takes over Twitter, Bernie Sanders sweeps 3 caucuses

You know that thing about animals and kids being good judges of character? Well, if it holds true, America has a very clear sign when it comes to Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

How an animal reacts to Donald Trump:

Here's how a kid (Ted Cruz's own daughter to be exact) reacts to Lyin Ted:

How a bird surrounded by 20,000 people reacts to Bernie Sanders:

How the internet reacted to a bird reacting to Bernie Sanders:

Hopefully this is a trend that continues! Trump and Bernie are both populists, reflecting the anger of a people that have been beat down by shiity economic policies, war and fear for the past almost 20 years!

They are coming at it in entirely different ways. Bernie's got good vibes. I think the choice is clear for Americans. Honestly there should be a new rule: if kids and animals can't stand you, maybe you shouldn't hold public office.



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