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UPDATED: The Exact Moment Ben Affleck Realized ‘Batman v Superman’ Sucks

So the reviews are coming in...and they aren't good. Poor DC just can't catch a break. But the internet, having no chill spliced together this brilliant and cringe. And laugh.

I literally laughed out loud when the music starts. lol. It's actually perfect. Superman, ever the optimist, Batman ever rooted in dark, grim reality.

UPDATE: I saw the movie tonight, March 26th and it's not that bad.

It's obviously setting up the Justice League franchise, which everyone already knew going in. If you're looking for a plot its this: Make a movie with Batman and Superman so we can introduce more heros and more movies and make alot of money. Duh. lol.

Wonder Woman was great. Superman was one dimensional (his ultimate challenge is himself as a concept, that will never change) and Batman was a psychotic dick...which has always been true. The love story between Supes and Louis Lane actually works to humanize him.

The worst character in the movie is Lex. He's more like erratic, billionaire coke head than evil genius driven by a twisted sense of "saving" the world...which I think is a better take on the character for the film.

So...go see it. It's not the best, the funniest or even the movie with the biggest 'splosians...but it's still pretty decent.


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