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Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty On All Charges

Ugh. This is so gross and uncomfortable for me. I know men that have been 100% falsely accused, I also know women who have no problem using "he touched me" to get what they want out of a situation...I also know that if incidents of sexual assault / abuse rates of women and girls were a disease, it would be regarded as a global pandemic.

We live in such a complicated, ugly world and I guess results like this show just how far as a society our laws and the way we deal with things still have to go in the name of "justice".

Some have said "you should just believe her" should be our default. I'm wholly against that, because people suck and people lie. But the fact of the matter is men are horrible to women and girls. We need to do justice better, especially on this topic.


A judge has found former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi not guilty of sex assault and choking charges.

Ontario Court Justice William Horkins delivered his decision at the Old City Hall courthouse this morning.

Ghomeshi had pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count choking to overcome resistance.

In his decision, Horkins pointed to what he said were serious inconsistencies in the complainants’ testimony, and a “carelessness with the truth.”

He said he had no hesitation in concluding that Ghomeshi was not guilty.

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