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"Well If You Didn't Do Anything Wrong"...

Innocent until proven guilty. We often hear seems kinda empty though to some of us.

For me, as a racialized person (Black guy lol), I know this isn't the case due to explicit and implicit bias. For alot of other people, it's a bedrock of our society and they actually believe it...for some people.

But I digress. Watch this video.

He was immediately arrested when he came home until the police could investigate. He was held for a couple hours and harm, no foul right?


In Toronto, Police keep records of every "interaction" with police and release them to prospective employers. NOT "convictions". NOT Arrests. "Interactions".

So if this guy who's only "wrong move" was to leave his condo door unlocked in the building he'd lived in for 7 years were to apply for a job...and they do a background check.

"Suspected child abduction" will come up.

This guy's life could be ruined because of bad policy. Bad policy that I'm aware of...because of carding. Welcome to the slippery slope, ya'll.


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