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Kim Kardashian's Naked Again!

I get it, we live in a society where a woman's is constantly questioned, judged, exploited or ignored.

Kim K's naked again and apparently she isn't supposed to be because "she's a mother".

Sigh. Take it for what you will. She's posting naked because she gets 2 things she's after:

1) $

2) Attention

The fact that "she's a mother" only speaks to our society still thinking there's inherently something shameful about a naked (woman's) body and that mother's can't / shouldn't be sexy?

I'd like to think Kim K (and Kanye) are raising their kids to be body confident and non-judgemental, that "sex" isn't something solely retained for the young and childless and that "sex" isn't all about being naked. And even if it is, there's nothing wrong as long as it's consentual and that's about all I have to say about that.


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