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Stephen A. Smith Tells College Kids That Racism Doesn't Exist For Them...


It also bears mentioning that this is the same guy that blamed Janay Rice for Ray Rice knocking her unconcious and also said Marijuana is a gateway drug. So...take it for what it is. Him being wrong about one more thing.

Now that I got that out of the way, this is the equivalent of "back in my day we used to have to walk 20 miles in snow with no shoes on".

Controlling for the fact that Stephen A. Smith and Chris Rock have not only been rich for a very long time...but also famous for a very long time...I'm not surprised.

The reality is, neither of them have probably faced anything close to "real racism" the kind that any poor Black woman in the United States can face at any particular time in their life. Also, rich people can be assholes.

Yeah, yeah, I know...#NotAllRichPeople. lol

These guys are incredibly tone deaf and their messages (that they actually sat down and THOUGHT about and got PAID for) are incredibly harmful for the fallacious narratives that they repeat and broadcast. People will use them to justify their own explicit and implicit biases.

The term "useful idiot" fully applies to this guy. And Chris Rock.


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