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Thursdays Belong To The Addisons!

Who woulda known that encouraging people to be social at a bar would be a great business model? lol. The Addisons Residence has changed the game in Toronto. There will be many imitators, but no duplicators!

The Addisons Residence is taking Toronto by storm! They throw the BEST parties: $4 drinks, board games, retro videogames and free pizza! And to celebrate me moving to Addisons Thursdays (from the epic Saturdays), we're throwing BILLY ADDISONS' bday party tomorrow, Thursday March 3rd, which is really just a big ol' celebration for YOU!

No need to RSVP because Billy HATES lists, just get your good friends and come party at The Addisons this Thursday!! Birthday cake and party favours for everyone and all the 90’s music, you can walk like an Egyptian to (editors that the right decade? lol).

We're also proud to announce that we're working with Big Brother Canada, hosting weekly viewing parties in the Addisons Games room!

We're kicking it off this Thursday, with former Houseguests of Big Brother! That's right, you can watch Big Brother with the people you were watching last year! Trippy ain't it!!

To be a part of this group, you must purchase a “KEY” (their ticket) which is donated to charity:

Text me if you have any issues at the door, I'm here to help!

647.710.0436 /

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