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The Addisons House Party | Saturday January 31st, 2016

It's always, always, ALWAYS a pleausre to work with professional people that want to work with promoters as opposed to against them.

Had an absolutely massive list this past Saturday (60+ people, 40 of them girls).

Now, we don't charge cover at Addisons and we have $4 drinks from open till 10pm. That usually results in lines like this:

And no, it's not because we hold the lines to look busy, it's because inside...usually looks like this:

What can I say? the party's popping! My role as a promoter is to help people. The best way I can help people is get them in past that damn line. SO happy that the GM and front door staff went over and above to help me help all my friends celebrate their bdays, engagements, etc. Without a hitch! Take a look at this week's gallery and don't forget who to call for a good time ;)

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