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Yorkdale Mall Is Winning Christmas This Year Thanks To "Fashion Santa"

Shout out @justinbieber coming to see the homie @paulmasonmodel aka ‪#‎YorkdaleFashionSanta‬today!

Now that he mentioned it publicly, I can speak on it. I love Paul Mason, man. When he told me why he grew the beard last year, I told him it was a gift. Because what came from grief has opened up literally the world to him and he's paying it forward to help other people.

We did this event together earlier in the year for Toronto Men's Fashion Week in aid of a really good charity and he shared with me why he grew the beard and I was blown away.

The Huffington Post caught up with Paul and he states:

"I stopped shaving when my mom passed away two years ago — I was a bit down," he says. "Then the beard took on a life of its own, and I decided I like the look."

Paul has been modeling (and professionally good looking) for years! He's also done this #FashionSanta thing before as well as numerous other charitable events, but it caught fire this year once the internet got a hold of him.

In his moment of grief, something happened that literally changed him and the way the world saw him. Some call it coincidence...I call it synchronicity.

Although the topic of what he looks like without his beard is a bit superficial...this man certainly isn't and I love that! If you haven't done so, go see my homie at Yorkdale and make sure to tag‪ #‎YorkDaleFashionSanta‬ cause each time you do, the mall is donating $1 to charity.

And please remember, it's all about PERSPECTIVE in life.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ya'll!!!

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