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Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa Twitter Feud Over Waves And Women

So last night @KanyeWest announced that he just finished the "album of the year" which he titled "SWISH".

Then, in true Gemini form...he changed his mind and named it "WAVES".

This lead to @WizKhalifa sub-tweeting Kanye and criticizing him for "stealing" from the incarcerated Max B.

This lead to Kanye melting down in classic Kanye form with some stream of conciousness, genius, extra petty level tweets.

Now this is where Kanye REALLLLLY goes off. See, back when she was just another big booty stripper, Amber Rose was risen from the pole to heavens by Kanye.

Things seemed to be getting out of control until Wiz's baby moms (Kanye's ex) Amber Rose clapped back with her own tweets

Of course, The Internet™ couldn't sit idly by and hilarity ensued.

Kanye's Twitter Avatar quickly got a makeover with the "Jordan crying meme".

These are the comments that were immediately left on Kim Kardashians (unrelated) Instagram posts.

Not even Wiz Khalifa's wikipedia was safe from the wrath of the internet

And of course, the biggest loser of this latest "rap beef" as per the following scientific poll...Meek Mill. lol.

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