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David Bowie Ends His Long Battle With Cancer. FU Cancer.

Legit woke up from a nightmare, checked my Twitter...and found this out.

69 year old David Bowie's importance to music and our culture in general can't be overstated. From his challenging of gender binaries & hetero-normativity with Ziggy Stardust to his #NBD "interracial" marriage to supermodel Iman (I can't wait till we stop using that term and it stops being a big deal).

David Bowie definitely coloured outside the lines and always seemed to live in the future and always seemed to be waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

Maybe because I'm turning 40 this summer, but I've been nostalgic for all things 70's and the magical, mind bending, post-psychedelic / neo-futuristic vibe that it brought to me. David Bowie was all of these things to me and more. Funny, I never really realized it until he passed.

I've long been afriad of heights, but I've never been afraid of Space...and I have you to thank.

RIP David Bowie.

Lazarus: His last video. Released 3 days ago.

Here are some more of my favourite tracks.

Under Pressure:

Let's Dance:

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