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Tina Fey's Taking Her White Privilege And Going Home lol

LOL! So Tina Faye is the latest comedian, who's taken offense to people being offended by her offensive jokes.

"Jokes" like the time her bestie Amy Poehler alluded to R. Kelly peeing on Blu Ivy (because child abuse is sooooo funny. hardee har har) has been called out on several occasions for "racism" and is "opting out" from apologizing / explaining them.

Too bad all the Black, Brown, Native people you're harming don't have that...ummm...what's the word I'm looking for here?




  1. 1.

a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

lol. #NotFunny I mean, what kind of crazy, fucked up world are we living in where we have to consider the impact of the things we do and say, especially publicly? Especially to people who not that long ago had to remain silent on issues on pain of death.

Sheeeeit, I wish there was a time when we could all go back to being insensitve assholes and marginalized people would stfu and take whatever kind of abuse we hurled at them in silence, amiright? We had that time Tina wasn't that pleasant.

And we aren't going back.

Here's the thing: as tired as you may be to have to constantly be careful to NOT come off as ignorant...imagine how tired some of us folks are of having to deal with it. Daily.

All over the world, especially thanks to the internet people are finding their voice. That makes ALOT of people uncomfortable (funny that Tina Fey actually says she's staying off the internet now, because she doesn't want to hear those dissenting voices...which also proably means she's either surrounded by yes people of every colour...or her writing team just isn't that diverse), but if the consequence of everyone having a voice is a kinder, more THOUGHTFUL world...then

What Tina Fey is doing is a "thing". It's been the subject of hashtag campaigns like #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen. For lack of a better phrase, it has been called "White Feminism"™

Most recently, this has been tied with the recent trial of police officer Daniel Holtzclaw. An active duty officer who while he was on duty systematically targetted poor women of colour for rape. In this instance, justice won out and he got sentenced to 200+ years for his crimes (mainly due to GPS and DNA evidence, the word of those women without that evidence didnt mean anything...which is what he was counting on).

The silence from (White) Feminist organizations was deafening. Unlike in the Cosby case.

My message to Tina: Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out. <3

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