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Woman Bites Walking Dead Star At Comic-Con Event. Seriously.

People just don't get why celebs are the way they are sometimes. Some of them are legit, assholes (the guy who played the hot gardener in Desperate Housewives being one) and some of them...probably had weird shit like this go down one too many times.

A crazy fan who bit The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has been banned from the Walker Stalker Con in New York and New Jersey for life. The woman, known as harleygurl68 on Twitter, posed for a photo with Reedus and co-star Michael Rooker at the convention over the weekend and then told Reedus, who portrays zombie killer Daryl Dixon on the show, she liked to pretend she was married to him. The polite star bent over to hug his fan, at which point she bit him, prompting Rooker to exclaim, "What the f--- was that?"

And of course, it's all about her...

"I sometimes pretend I'm married to you..."

She should get off the bike and get a life, that way she'd probably find a real man.

And not do weird bite a complete stranger because she likes the way he does his job. Sigh.

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