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Rick Ross Capes For Meek Mill & Disses Drake In New Song

Rick Ross has a new album coming out tomorrow, that no one cares about so his "Drake diss" conveniently leaked today.

A) The song is TRASH

B) See A!

Here ya go, listen for yourself...and I hope Drizzy waits for Ross's album to go double wood before he responds.

As expected, this has already sent the internet (ok, mainly Black Twitter) into a tizzy and got everybody like:

Even #6Dad already got at Officer Ricky on Twitter. (Give your interns a raise pops!).

Now, why would Ross, bite the hand that helped give him some of his biggest hits? Could it be something personal?

Like...this may or may not be Rick Ross's fiancee Lira Galore out on a date with Drake.

And this may or may not be her later on in his bathroom. lol.

Sagging album sales + Salty cause Drake hit it first + Meek came home with a black eye & big bro has to defend it = Big mistake.

Sounds like Officer Ricky is all in his feelings and needs a bump in record sales.

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