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Tim Tebow's Smoking Hot GF Breaks Up With Him Over "Lack of sex"...this stuff writes i

Tebow's girlfriend, former Miss USA Olivia Culpo who looks like this:

Broke up with him over "lack of sex"....Lack. Of. Sex. With this:

I know, I know...he's super religions and Jesus probably looking at him like:

But me & the squad over here like:

We know, we know, we goin to hell...but Bruh...

Don't feel too sorry for ol' Timmy boy there though a) He probably votes Republican so fuck him. b) He's got chicks like this waiting in the wings.

"Probably an STD test" shots fired. Predictably the internet is blowing up with this news and people are getting all in their feelings. We'll just grab the popcorn, point and laugh (at Tebow) and enjoy the ensuing hilarity.


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